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[헤드폰추천]가격대 성능비 짱먹는 헤드폰들.1 SONY MDR ZX100

애지간한 10~40만원대 헤드폰들보다 훨씬 나아.
돈없으면 이거 사!!!

#sony #헤드폰추천 #sonymdrzx #가격대성능비 #헤드폰리뷰

구독을 누르면 너희들의 의지와 상관 없이 나의 팬클럽 고구미가 되니...
10번 이상 신중히 생각하고 구독과 좋아요를 눌러

[Unboxing] Walkman Hi Res Audio ZX100 SONY

Déballage du Walkman HI Res Audio NW-ZX100 et comparaison de taille avec les walkman ZX1 et A10

SONY Hi Res Walkman ZX100HN

Sony are ready to take another crack at the portable audio market. Can they take back what was once theirs is a market that they pioneered?

Unfortunately from what I heard this Walkman is not for everyone, because its likely to be pretty damn expensive. That is going by the pricing of the earlier version.

Now I'm not sure if isolating a very small part of the SONY audience is the best choice when trying to recapture Walkmans former glory. What do you think?

Anyway check this thing out \u0026 let me know what you think.

Please watch: "Single Lens Vs Dual Lens Vs Triple Lens Smartphone - Can you tell the difference?"




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